10 Insane seo copywriting hacks and list of seo copywriting tools :- which no one tells you

seo copywriting tips (insanely powerful hacks)

Do you want to learn seo copywriting hacks and just imagine what if i say i have the list of 10 most insanely actionable hacks!  😈 in which 10th one is really really crazy.

Seo copywriting hacks is basically the art of writing quality content so that prospect read your article till the end.

After a long, very long research finally here we are with the most insane seo copywriting hacks.

And if you learn both all the seo tips tricks and techniques and copywriting then no can stop you from creating monopoly in this e-world.

Think about this for a moment  😎 

seo copywriting hacks
wanna feel like conqueror

So let’s begin the hacks .

1. Build your foundation first

Firstly, build the map of your foundation on paper. As when you have the sitemap of your site in your mind it become easy to decide what to do next, do not post randomly.

Naveen’s special take :- If anyhow you are not able to figure out your sitemap then i have something for you. You can use kill-writer’s blog here you always find ideas for your next post. Believe me it’s a fantabulous site 

build your foundation first

 2. Kill your search tab in finding your audience

Finding your audience is one of the best copywriting practice. Find what they want? what are the passionate about? do research it will definitely pays off.

Naveen’s special take:- Find exact long tail keywords. Why? world’s  80% traffic  for popular searches read their stuff from long tail keywords titles. So how to find them? simple! read my how to do keyword research for seo article.

seo copywriting hacks
their is nothing like seo without keyword research

3. Start with crazily appealing headline

Always starts with a catchy headline, catchy means your headline must give a specific message to reader that what your article is all about. Well, studies says headlines with number always gets high number of clicks. Why? psychology! because, we feel good when we feel something certain. 

Naveen’s special take:- Facing problem? don’t know how to create classy, catchy headlines. Don’t worry i have the solution of your every problem. Here is the list of blog title generator tools. 1. upworthy title generator, 2. portent’s content idea generator, 3. blog topic generator by seoprocessor, 4. title generator by tweakyourbiz. 

headline generator

4. If you promise something then give that thing

If you promise something in your headline (title tag), then scratch the surface of that topic. Don’t try yo be clever. look: any user become your customer only when you are honest and trust worthy in terms of  your work. also, only then you will able to generate a handsome income from your project.

Naveen’s special take:-  If you define your objective then agree on it. give them what they want but if you don’t know how to write or make it entertaining. Then here is a tool for you : unsuck it . or you can head over to online learning sites like udemy and linda and adapt a course 

give them what they want

 keep reading as best part is about to start 

5. Make a easy to read and appealing copy 

Don’t know how to make content appealing? don’t worry. 

-Choose a good font and font size

-Always use short paragraphs and sentences 

-use bulleted number list 

-make proper use of subheadings

-bold the main stuff in your content 

-give complete knowledge about your title

use simple plain english 

rank your content on the fisrt page


Naveen’s special take :- Use the tool unsuck-it. It will help you in creating a smooth flow for your content. Cheers! think something outside the box. come-on, you want 1st rank so you have to become creative.

6. Pictures worth 1000 words 

Dazzle your content with multimedia as i said earlier, picture worth 1000 words. picture give a idea about the content also it makes your content interesting. so use audio, video and pictures whenever it needed.

Naveen’s special take :- Always use your own created audio, video and pics as they give your content a valuable seo boost. I personally use filmora for making videos and video editing and if you are lazy and you can not make your own pictures and videos then use pixabay.com here you will find the lacks of picture which you can use on your website without even giving credit to pixabay 😈 naveen goyal

7. Add magic words to your content

Yes, you read it correctly magic words! why i am calling them magic words ?

so lets begin the race

These words and phrases make user to stick to your post. These are also known as bucket brigades. So when ever you feel that now user can distracted use a magic word. list of common magic words 

-so here’s the deal

-want to know the best part

this one is really crazy

Naveen’s special take :- Well, today you all are in for a treat as i am gonna provide you a cheat sheet of 502 magic words 😈 

you can check your magic words list here ! cheers !


insane seo copywriting hacks that ultimately leads to high traffic

8. Add lsi’s to your subheadings

lsi’s are the closely related words. So why i am telling you to add them in your subheadings?

simple! the more you write lsi’s in your subheadings, the more you have to write about that topic.  This also helps you to divide your data into pieces so that you can put your data in more organised way.

Naveen’s special take:- So the question is how to find lsi keywords.

searches related to
like these are the searches related to seo

simple! type your keyword on google, scroll down your page to the bottom. You will find the searches related to by google, pick them and put them in your title tags.

9. Use both mobile and desktop responsive themes

Hey, do not dare to forget to use mobile responsive themes as in today’s world 50% are coming from smartphones.if you are using wordpress then you will find number of mobile responsive themes for free.

Naveen’s special take :- If you want best free wordpress then head over to accesspress and themegrill themes. I suggest these sites as they provide most customization option in there themes with proper documentation and you can easily find there online tutorial on youtube

best easy to customizable themes

10. Add social sharing buttons at the end of your articles 

I tell you in the beginning that this gonna be really really crazy and yes i am gonna make my words true 

so do you want more social shares?

Of course you want.  🙂 

But tell me one thing, who the hell you think you are?

Sharukh khan .

No, so why people will share your content 🙄 

Naveen’s special take :- Let me tell you the secret that why people share the content. Use these ideas while making your content and then check your self your social shares boost!

1. People share content when they are emotionally connected to it. I seriously don’t want to drag modi ji into this but indians are too much emotional connected to him that’s why you can find this thing easily on social sites that people are abusing each other for no reason!

2. People share content when that content reflect their views. They find that this is exactly what they think about this topic.

seo copywriting hacks
how to take feedback from readers

3. When they find your content really helpful, then it increases the chance that they share your content. You can take example as home remedies 

4. When they find their content amazingly entertaining, then it also increases the chance that they share your content. you can take example of facebook pages like sarcasm.

5. Now may be this one is little bit surprising for you, but people will also share the content when they support that brand. Like you can take the example of any big brands there posts got thousands of shares!


Now it’s your turn to rock !!!!


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