Importance of Forum Posting and list of top Forum Posting sites

Forum posting:- If you don’t know what it is? How it works and Importance of Forum Posting.

Then keep your mind cool. Sip a mug of coffee and read this article carefully.

As this article has the power to give wings to your content marketing campaign.

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What are forums ?

Importance of forum posting
Forums are the place where people of same interest discussing together.

Forums are the communities of peoples having same fields of interest. 

Or forums are the sites where discussions are allowed on the different topic and this discussion are generally done by the forum members.

Here Forum member share his problems for finding the solution of his problem from his forum community.

You will find well organised theme based division of different niches on most of the forums.

what is forum posting?

taking part in discussion is called posting on forums it can be done through many ways

Basically, it is the submission of your masterpiece in the front of seekers of your field.

Yes, seekers as a particular niche forum only joined by the people who are highly interested in that niche.

So share best of your knowledge at forums. Ask questions, give answers it will also increase your knowledge.

Do not try any kind of nonsense(abusing) on forums otherwise you will be banned from that forum for forever.

How to do forum posting?

Let me clear you one thing you don’t have any need to create new content for the forums.

You can post the content, which you already published on  your site.

Creating posts for forums are relatively easier then creating a post for your website.

As here no one checks your copywriting skills.

Forums are made for only point to point discussions so do not write ramayan their.

As they will delete your ramayan for sure. So always be precise while posting on forums.

Answer within 20-30 days after a question is asked by anyone on the forum as later on it will not worthy at all.

Importance of forum posting

Importance of forum posting is you can even find the answers of your problem

1. Find your mentors:- No one is perfect. Everyone has mentors i also have and forums are full of skilled people.

Share your problems with them you will get the solution of your every problem for sure.

2.Find hot topic:-In forums everyone has the same interest so you can find the hot topics of discussions for your niche.

3.Develop credibility:- People believe on other people’s words more than the advertisement so here you also have the chance to build credibility. But always give a decent replies for someone problem 

4.Build connections:- Also when you help someone or take help from someone you build connection with that blogger and it will help you in exchanging backlinks on each others blog.

5.Create high quality do-follow backlinks:- Now this is the beauty of forums. Here you can create one way backlinks which is considered in white hat seo and organic link building that helps in ranking up your website.

6.Get high quality traffic:- When you leave your backlinks in forums then the traffic you get from here is  consider in high quality traffic which ultimately helps you in ranking your site up in google.

7.Build your site authority:- Engaging yourself in forums for a while help you in building your domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow, and page rank.

Word of caution:- Make sure to provide only high quality relevant content on your topic as forums have really strict rules and regulations for the spammers.

How to find forums of your niche

Now, a question can click on your mind that how to find forum of my niche?

Simple, Type  “your niche name”+ Forums + List in your google search tab and BOOM!!

You will find the complete list of your niche forums.

Cheers!! 😎 

List of some Do-follow high page rank forums

Importance of forum posting
Importance of forum posting = List of forums

1 V7nForum

Siteowners Forum

Joomla Forum

CNET Forum

Mysql Forum

Digital point Forum

Affiliate Marketing Forum

Site Point Forum

Warrior forum

10 Deviantart

11 File Sharing Forum

12 Geek Village Forum

13 HTML Forum

14 MyGame Builder Forum

15. Http://Forum.Siteground.Com

16. Http://C7y-Bb.Phparchitect.Com

17. Http://Forum.Meebo.Com

18. Http://Forums.Mysql.Com

19. Http://Forums.Cnet.Com/

20. Http://Www.Bookforum.Com

21. Http://Mathforum.Org

22. Http://Forums.Photobucket.Com

33. Http://Www.Gardenweb.Com

34. Http://Forums.Wsj.Com

35. Http://Forums.Cnet.Com/

36. Http://Forum.Filezilla-Project.Org

37. Http://Www.Awasu.Com/Forums

38. Http://Forums.Mozilla.Or.Kr/


And at the last to be very honest here is an advice that i know it’s not possible to be active everywhere. Their are thousands of forums for every niches in this world.

But you can select 3-4 top forums for your niche with high page rank and stay active on them.




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