How to use reddit for seo and 4 digit daily traffic for your website

how to use reddit

Hey, wait! May be reddit is a something new for you. May be you don’t know what reddit is and how to use reddit?

But one thing i can promise you at the end of this article you are gonna say a big thankyou to me.


As by the end of this article you will become the reddit expert.

By the end of this article you will got to everything you have to know about reddit.

So keep reading, cheers!

What is reddit?

Let me tell you in what reddit it in simple words.

It comes in top 15 websites of this world

Reddit is an extremely powerful social site with almost 35 crores daily page views.

Content sharing community like facebook, twitter.

Place where you can post your link, text and you can comment on others post link or post. is a collection of multiple communities or subreddit.

Subreddits like askreddit, funny, news, gaming, videos, movies, music and a lot and lot more subreddits.

Ideal place for finding your targeted audience.

But unlike other it doesn’t take marketers and manipulators kindly. 🙄  

Using reddit without knowing can ruin your reputation.

If you use reddit without proper knowledge then be ready to ignored on reddit.

So keep reading this article carefully.

Why to use reddit 

how to use reddit for seoThis is the front page of reddit and look at the first link it already got 36.9k upvotes means atleast 369k views and 5497 comments(kind of 5497 backlinks).

I mean that’s too huge as this link shared only 5 hours ago!

This much huge traffic can even crash a normal website.

It drives traffic more rapidly than any other social site.

But let me tell you a secret, reaching on the front page of reddit won’t be easy at all.

So keep reading for knowing the secret of getting huge traffic.

How to submit content on reddit

Well, anyone can submit content on reddit by just creating a account on reddit.

Now you have 2 choices in your hand

1. Set up 4-5 accounts:- one with your name, 2 is for promotional purpose and 1-2 is for backup as most people suggest.

If you are a beginner then You can try this for testing purpose.

But to be very frank let me clear one thing, it won’t help you on coming on the front page of reddit at all.

2.Create 1 legit account:- see reddit is not like facebook or any other social sites, it is only used by legit people.

Setting up 4-5 accounts can help you in exposure of your content for few time but that won’t help you in creating your credibility.

So create a account that reflects yours and your brand value.

After creating an account you will find a submit button on your home page. click on it then fill out the form.

Don’t forget to use your copywriting skills while writing your traffic, as that will help you in getting tons of traffic. Choose a relevant subreddit for submit your content.

how to use reddit
screen open when you clicks on submit a new link option


screen opens when you type submit a new text post

Things to keep in mind while using reddit

1. Don’t just signup and start submitting links after links as it may result as banned from reddit. 😮 

2. Make time to understand reddit, if you make your brand value then start helping people by commenting on their questions.

3.Make sure you only add the valuable content to this legit community.

4. If you contribute value then remains engaged into this community. In short, stick around and reply all the comments as indirectly it helps you in increasing your seo. 😉

5. If you want huge traffic then choose broad subreddits with at least 30-40k subscribers.

6. Avoid spams, repost old posts again, multiple posts for the same link. As it may results to you to kickoff from reddit.

How to use reddit for seo


Naveen’s special take:- 

1. Only subscribe to relevant subreddits, as subscribing too much subreddits will confuse  users about you and your brand.

(you will given some default subscription for some general and most popular subreddits like videos, IAMA, gadget but if you find them irrelevant then unsubscribe them.)

2. Prefer to post a text post, and that’s in a way that make people curious to know more about your article and for that you have to master in seo copywriting. It will increase your click conversion rate.

3. Submit interesting content like infographics, drawing, videos for getting maximum exposure.

4. Always reply to every comment on your posts as indirectly every comment consider as a backlink to your post and that’s from reddit.

5. Post your content after a month of creating your account till then establish your self as a legit redditor.

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    1. Yea, it’s true..
      but still reddit seo is not count as good as it was before..
      As building backlinks are quiet easy on reddit..

  1. Very nice article. I really like the way you wrote this. I gave Reddit multiple shots to get traffic for my website but no luck. This time I am thinking of doing it in your way and hoping for the best. But just tell me is Reddit good for a B2B business?

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