How to get dofollow backlinks and importance of blog commenting in it

How to get dofollow backlinks

After getting a lot and lot of requests on How to get dofollow backlinks.

I decided to write out the most easiest, effective and almost untapped technique for building dofollow backlinks.

Before go into this article here is a promise from my side that this article gonna be the game changer as well as vital for your link building campaign.

So keep reading. Cheers!!

Blog commenting

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In this article i am gonna give you the answers of the following questions.

What is blog commenting?

What are the benefits of blog commenting? 

How to find right blogs to comment?

How to do blog commenting?

Is it helpful to rank you up in google search?

Experts view on blog commenting?

And my final thought on blog commenting!!

So let’s starts the deal

What is blog commenting?

In laymen term, Blog comments are basically the reactions of a reader for that blog which he write out in the comment section in the form of appreciation if they like your blog, in the form of question if they wants ask any doubt, in the form of complaint if you miss to mention something important in your blog etc..

And it is the easiest way to exchange ideas and links too as almost every blog of this world has a comment section in the end of that blog. 


What are the benefits of blog commenting?

How to get dofollow backlinks
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1. Improve visibility of your website:- Many beginners struggle and face a lot and lot of problem as there blogs are almost nowhere in google search even on there targeted keyword.

Yes keyword research is a important factor but blog commenting give your website exposure in this e-world.

2. Improve your knowledge to beat up the competition:- It’s obvious that before commenting you read the blog first. It is important as for approval you must make your comment relevant and natural looking. So while you read your competitor blog you got to know where you stands in terms of knowledge and that also increase your knowledge.

3. Establish credibility and gain identity:- Establish credibility means always contribute a thoughtful comment which can be question and answered further. It must be seems like you know your stuff.

4. Build links:- Yes, it is the most easy way to build backlinks, as every time you post a comment it results you to a link point to your website. So if after creating credibility you comment on a popular blog then it will surely help you to drive a good traffic from that backlink.

How to find best blogs to comment?

Simple that blog must be super active, reputed and related to your niche. Check all these things every time before commenting or you can simply search on google for

high pagerank blogs to comment on “your niche name”

Or you can use a tool to blog commenting and i personally use and highly recommend dropmylink .

I found this one is supremely best in the world you can even build 20k links in a day  8-O.

But do not use this too l this much extensively otherwise google mark you as a spammer.

And here i embed a youtube tutorial on how to use dropmylink and believe me it is super super easy 

Also, i think i forget to mention before but backlinks from .edu and .gov sites have much more value then a normal blog backlinks so keep this things in mind before becoming a commentator. 😆

How to do blog commenting?

I am not listing the cheap tricks for blog commenting here, as it is not difficult to comment on a blog.

Always do blog commenting manually as it gives you the freedom to comment on the sites where you wants to it may also help you to build relationship from other bloggers across the world. 

Exactly how to do? 

1. Make the complete list of each and sites and blog on which you can start commenting.(make 50-100 site list for starting)

2. Start commenting 5-10 comments daily.

3. Make at least 3-4 line comment.

4.Keep tracking your google rankings.

5.If it helps you then continue this process.

Stay away from fiverr services (It’s my personal opinion, rest your choice)

And make sure that your comments should be the conclusion of that blog, make sure that your comment have some sense. 

Is it helpful to rank you up in google search?

A kind of YES and a kind of NO 😛

It depends on the competition for which you are competing as there are lot and lot of seo activities that matters blog commenting is one of them.

If you are competing on a low competition niche then blog commenting is enough to rank you up.

Most of event blogger rank their sites up by just blog commenting and yes, it works!!

In the end quality matters over the quantity so choose only good websites to comment.

Expert view on blog commenting!

Head of google webspam team 😯 


My final thought on blog commenting

Naveen goyal special takeAvoid spamming (using paid services), Play smartly while building your links then google will never hit you.

It worth to try blog commenting, i know some websites who rank number 1 for many big keywords with just blog commenting!!

I write this great article so now i also deserves the comment  😀

Also comment are the kind of win-win situation you got the backlink(do-follow from my blog) and blogger got the comment so keep commenting Cheers!!


15 thoughts on “How to get dofollow backlinks and importance of blog commenting in it

  1. Hey Naveen
    Thanx for your article you always comes with the solution oriented tricks not like others who just post the theoretical shits.
    But I am facing problem in Ranking my site
    Can you please tell me the way i can get information that what is my competitors doing to rank theirs like , Scoopwhoop etc.

    1. Hey rahul,
      Thanx for your complement.
      Let me exactly tell you the step by step process of ranking up a article.
      1. Keyword research:- Well 90% people just write what they think is right choice without knowing how much that article help them to get insane traffic.
      If you are a new blogger then let me clear you the one thing at this stage you cannot compete on highly competitive keywords so make sure that you write article on the keywords which have 0-15 difficulty in moz keyword research tool. or for indepth details you can go through this aticle.
      2. Content copywriting:- google consider user satisfaction at the highest priority so make sure that you write great content with using your unbeaten copywriting skills so that user read your complete article or for indepth details you can go through this article.
      3. On page seo:- If you want at least visibility of your content on google then you have to master in on-page seo techniques and for in depth details you can go through this article.
      4. Off-page seo:- Well, it is the main factor which affect your ranking significantly. So keep your focus on it and give at least 50% of your total time in off-page activities. If you believe that your content is best of the best then use flight your backlinks technique to get a huge amount of backlinks from high authority websites. otherswise blog commenting is the easiest way to get backlinks.

  2. Hello Naveen

    Thanx for your article you generally accompanies the arrangement situated dislike other people who simply post the hypothetical poos.

    Be that as it may, I am confronting issue in Ranking my site

    Would you be able to please disclose to me the way i can get data that what actions is my rivals taking to rank theirs like , Scoopwhoop and so on.

    1. Well you can use open site explorer to find how they rank so well..
      and that is this much easily…

  3. Hello Sir,
    I really loved your blog! The way you explained creating quality backlinks is admirable.
    I got a lot of help from your blog but still I am not getting backlinks on my website but they are in awaiting moderation.
    Please help me out sir as I found your blog exceptionally brilliant

    1. Awaiting moderation means your comments are not approved yet!
      may be it will approved in 1-2 days…
      moreover even if they got approved..
      They will not count in your backlinks..
      Google bots will take around 2 weeks to update your stats..
      so don’t worry keep building your backlinks…

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