How to do Keyword research for seo :- untapped strategies

how to get higher rank for any keyword

keyword research :- the ultimate guide !

Wants to know how to do keyword research for seo? profitable keyword research!  😎 

Confused! How to begin? from where to begin? how much i have to pay for keyword research? 

and let me clear you one thing. without keywords their is no such thing like seo. 😳 

But don’t worry, as now you are at the right place! after doing a lot and lot of research. Finally here we are with most organised keyword research to do keyword research for seo


Yes, password! Keyword research is the password of your success in your seo campaign as it decides your competition, traffic and even your content. 

So without wasting any time. let’s start with step by step procedure to do keyword research!

1.Before starting keyword research clear yourself what your theme is all about! as many people don’t even know what they are trying to do.

But if you are not even clear about your theme then still don’t worry as we have the solution of your  problem. 

so what was it? well, use 

Now the question is how to use this site . 

when you open this site you find a screen like this above picture shows. put your niche main keywords in the search bar and click on get questions button. bingo! 

congratulations! you will get thousands of results which people actually searches.

But what if i say it’s just the beginning, till now you only find the topics which people are searching for! 

But what if you get to know which topics are easy to rank comparatively to others.

so how to do this! here is the deal!

after getting all the topics related to the top keywords of your niche put them one by one in  the

 google adwords keyword planner 

but the question is how to use google adwords keyword planner tool without campaign

Well, we have something for you. 

just go through this video it will show you how to do keyword research for seo by using google adwords keyword planner without campaign.

After login into google adwords Let me show you exactly what to do.

how to do keyword research for seo

Put your keyword in your products category, put your site name in landing page! filter keywords idea and select highly searches keywords with fair bid and low competition .

Bingo! you will get all the highly searched keywords with very low competition. i.e ranking these keywords are quite easy then other keywords of the same niche.low competition

But still you have tons of keyword so always choose keywords relevant to your niche, with maximum search volume and minimum competition

How to do keyword research for seo :- best part is about to start

Till then you got to know how to find long tail keywords using answerthepublic and then how to find minimum competitive keywords with high search volume and high bid keywords using google adwords keywords planner.


->but still there are a lot and lot of untapped keyword research tricks like you can use google searches related to like these are the related searches for seo . cheers !searches related to-> or you can use wikipedia for finding long tail keywords and trust me it is one ofthe most unused keyword research tool .

come on , it is handled and structured by thousands of experts you can trust wikipedia .

these are the results i get after typing seo in google from wikipedia . similarly you can find the long tail keywords for your niche from wikipedia . cheers !

but after keyword research do not forget to rank your keyword higher in google searches ,

and if you want a in depth look of seo then we have an article for you. all the seo tips tricks and techniques cheers!

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